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REACH: Digital Signage

What is REACH?

REACH is an affordable subscription-based digital signage content program.

  • Access to our library of 400+ digital signs
  • Dynamic, animated digital displays
  • Customize your own signage
  • You control playlists and viewing times


Examples of Our Videos

Click on an image to preview the movie - (requires Quicktime to view)


Football Foods Trail Mix Orange Juice Nuts Mixed Bin Bread 4 Hot Cocoa Bottled Water Peaches 1 Beer 3 Cooking


Champagne Health Strawberry Flu Season Stockup Beer Microbrews Wine Australian Flu Season Bread Wheat Game Day Guac Did You Know - Custom Cakes Pastries

Price & Item

Charles Smith Wines 9.99 Hormel Natural Choice Bonein Thick CutPork LoinChops 2.89 lb Strawberries 1.99 Fresh Picked Cherries 2.49 lb Rotisserie Chicken 6.99each USDA Choice Black Angus Eye of RoundBeef Roast 4.99lb Hormel Natural Choice Assorted Pork Chops 1.99lb Homestyle Potato Salad 2.99lb Cherry on Top Sweet Red or Sweet White 11.99 JennieO Turkey Store Turkey Breast 1.49 lb


Christmas Ornaments Red 3 Memorial Day 1 HAPPY HOLIDAYS Halloween Valentines Day Roses Christmas Tree Fireplace Valentines Day Heart Valentines Flowers Chocolate We will never forget Labor Day

Menu Boards

Kingman 8pc Chicken Kingman Fish Fillet Kingman Meat Loaf Kingman Cakes

Digital Signage Pricing

Media Player Leasing Fee $20.00 / player / week

New, Simplified Pricing

For only $20.00 per player per week, you can have access to all of our digital signage platform (including the media player)

  • This covers the connection of your media players to our servers, including retrieving new signage and reporting the current state of your media players to our help desk.
  • This gives you access to our existing library of over 400 videos – use them as-is or customize the text and pricing to your needs.
  • This covers the licensing of the artwork found in the signage. The licensing of the artwork applies to a physical address. Previously, each individual store in your group had to pay the weekly licensing fee.
  • New! This includes complete access to our digital signage editor, allowing new slides to be made on-the-fly, which was previously a premium feature with a premium charge.
  • New! We no longer require the separate purchase of a media player ($500). Part of your weekly fee covers the rental of our media player. The benefit is that as we introduce new versions of media players, you will receive these new players, as opposed to having to purchase new players.